Angel Flight
Folk Art Angel Grace
Angel Dawning

The following display is only a small fraction of the art I have created over the past years.  It is my
clay and silver clay.  Some of it has already been sold, and other items are posted on Etsy.  I have
chosen Etsy to sell my artwork because it is a place where people truly enjoy and support artists.  
Every item is a one of a kind piece, and when it is sold, it is gone.  Please contact me directly if you
would like a custom piece made.  Frequently, I have work at shows, classes, and in select galleries.

Email -
Phone - (678) 654-7055   

Online - Etsy stores:   
For artwork -
artforward at Etsy
For art supplies - artsource at Etsy

Galleries where you can purchase my art:

34505 N. Scottsdale Road   # A14
Scottsdale, Arizona • 85251
(480) 994-3752

The Kress Emporium
19 Patton Avenue
Asheville, North Carolina
(828) 281-2252
!NEW! Festive Pendants
NEW! Festive Necklace
!NEW! Festive Tubes
Secret Keepers Pendant
$48 @Kress Emporium
Chunky Bracelets.
Mokume Pendants
Custom Silver Crosses
Available by commission
Icon Bead
Caned Spiral
Collector Face Bead
Collector Native Face Bead
Collector Jesus Bead
Please visit my other internet locations
Artforward @ Etsy
for artwork
for supplies
Yahoo Store for Barbara McGuire
for video tutorials