I have been an artist all my life and simply could not live without it. It’s my calling and on a higher level,
my purpose in bringing fulfillment to others. Art is completely subjective in my view and one of the few
I am a rather edgy artist and my favorite thing is an element of surprise and non-conformity. My work
reflects influence from traditional design incorporating innovative materials and collected artifacts.

I have been nationally acclaimed as an artist whose diverse talents include works in polymer clay,
jewelry design, and painting. I have written 10 books on design and instruction and have developed
stamps, templates and molds for artists working in polymer and metal clay. I have appeared as a regular
guest of the popular "Carol Duvall Show".
My future objective is to teach the design principles as a means to
create more appealing design quality and to empower women with
the confidence to study their own creative finesse.  Currently I am
teaching at William Holland in North Georgia and locally in the
Asheville NC area.
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